What are e-raffles?

How do they work?

E-raffles are an exciting new form of charitable fundraising that is being licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  They’re a modern version of traditional paper raffles – including 50/50, fixed-prize and “Catch the Ace” draws.  As with other types of raffles, there is no cap on the prize levels that can be reached and using electronic means, charities may be able to reach more people and raise more money than traditional paper raffles.


There are two main types of e-raffle technology that can replace traditional paper raffle tickets: In-person raffles (where volunteers sell tickets in approved locations using hand-held point-of-sale (“POS”) units) and Online raffles.

Here's how they work...

While most of the information in this website is about e-raffles, you don’t actually have to hold an e-raffle to take advantage of the new rules.  For example:


  • If your charity wants to hold a paper-based draw, you can now sell your tickets electronically. That means customers could order and pay for their tickets online and still receive them in the mail.

  • If your charity has a staff lottery where tickets are sold through payroll deduction, the administration of those sales can now be electronic. 

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This e-raffle website was developed by the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association to provide you with a comprehensive e-raffle resource.